Essential Oils

Alicia Clendennin is a registered nurse who holds a Master's degree in Nursing from Southern, CT State University and as well a post-graduate certificate in Holistic Nursing from the University of CT and a certification as a Nurse Life Coach. She obtained her nursing diploma in 1979 from St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, where the concept of health being comprised of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, was ingrained.

Alicia helps people to "Creatively design their lives using snapshots from their body, mind and soul". This is done through photography, improving organizational skills through data base design and most importantly, through holistic nursing practices.  These practices include her skills as a Nurse Life Coach, Raindrop Massage with the use of essential oils, and coaching on toxin free living using essential oils and oil infused products.

Alicia is an independent Distributor for Young Living Essential oils and is CARE Certified Raindrop Massage Facilitator. She spends a great deal of her time educating individuals and groupson the safe and effective use of essential oilsas well as how torid their homes and their lives of toxins using essential oils and oil infused products.

Alicia will hold classes every second Sunday of the month from 3:30-5:30pm at Refresh Your Soul on 47 Water Street.

To sign up for classes contact Alicia at or call or message her at 860-235-3393

1/13/19 Essential Oil 101 Class

Beginner class on how EO’s are made, safe use, allergies vs detox, use in every day life and more

2/10/19 Lucy Libido

Ladies ONLY class focuses on the use of essential oils for hormone and intimacy support!

3/17/19 Reflexology with Essential Oils

Overview If Vita Flex reflexology techniques

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